A gorgeous day on the river? This neglected buffalo doesn't think so. This wasn't the typical shopping cart abandonment that occurs so frequently within a buffalo's natural habitat.

Did the buffalo commit a crime so heinous it merited the poor creature being dumped into the river and left for dead? A high concrete wall borders this river path for a mile or two. Except for a couple narrow staircases and ramps, this path is virtually inaccessible. This means that either the shopping cart was brought down and pushed over a 1/4 mile to this spot, or that the sad truth is the buffalo was hurled, shrieking over the wall...

Meanwhile, about 60 miles away, behind a discount grocery store, a small herd of silver buffalo have been deserted. Abandoned. "Decomissioned" as some would say. Are these buffalo still truly useless?

As they think back to better days when they eagerly assisted man in carrying milk, bread, and kitty litter, will they be left alone to let the weeds cover them until they are completely forgotten? Are they doomed to spend the rest of their existance decaying into piles of rust?

Buffalo neglect is a real problem. Awareness is the first step in the solution. Remember that buffalo need to be cared for. Next time you are shopping will you take the time to recognize a buffalo for its hard work? Give it a good rub and let it know how much you appreciate it.

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