Back in 1934, silver buffalos (commonly referred to as "shopping carts") were first introduced in piggly wiggly stores in Oklahoma City. at first they were rejected, but after some marketing and demonstrations, shoppers began to be-friend them and take advantage of their usefulness.

These normally dormat creatures can become dangerous if provoked, often resulting in minor damage to shopper's cars. If approched by a buffalo, take caution, especially if it is charging.

Silver buffalos are generally more dangerous than their plastic counterparts, and this is the reason some lots are removing silver buffalos and replacing them with plastic.

these breeds have a metal frame and basket. sometimes the basket is painted to match the color of the ranch, so not all silver buffalo are completely silver.

    This average-sized breed includes the standard saftey straps installed for the saftey of children riding on top.

    front view

    small herd of amelias

    side view

    large herd of amelias

    Smaller breed for narrow isles. Often colored red to match CVS color, and equipped with plastic bumpers on the basket to protect buffalo and shoppers.

    front view

    small herd. notice both
    silver and red breeds

    side view

    Dollar General:
    A smaller breed that is easy to manuveur in tight spaces, but with less of a capacity than most buffalo.

    herd of dollar general

    Gabriel Brothers:
    Smaller than average-sized breed, with standard features (when available).

    front view

    side view

    a gabriel brothers pair

    Average-sized breed, very friendly and usually fitted with a Karns directory to expedite the shopper's trip.

    front view

    special Karns breed
    for children

    herd of karns

    side view

    The Kroger we visited had the biggest variety of breeds that we've ever seen, ranging from child to goliath. each breed serves a unique purpose and should be appreciated as much as the others.

    rare pug Kroger breed

    pug front view

    minature buffalo

    mammoth buffalo front

    mammoth compared to average buffalo

    mammoth buffalo side

    herd of average-sized buffalo

    fitted with race car

    variety of Kroger breeds

    Average-sized breed, covered in the color of red, and often abused by customers.

    side view, in front of cheese

    redners herd

    front view

    buffalo equipped with plastic racecar addition

    herd in a pen

these breeds generally have a metal frame and a plastic basket.

    Bass Pro:
    Average-sized breed, with a green hide. Bass Pro buffalo are usually able to enjoy more scenic woodsy surroundings then most breeds.

    buffalo enjoying the view

    front view

    main herd coming
    from the stall

    side view


    Sunset Outlets:
    A bright-orange, generic, average-size breed branded with "Sunset Outlets". These are ideal for parking lots in which the elderly or bad drivers risk hitting the buffalo.

    front view of herd

    side view

    Probably the best-known breed in North America, found in abundance across the U.S. They are average-sized, and can greatly vary in agressiveness by location. Often saddled with children's seats and straps.

    front view

    side view

    bucking buffalo (probably frightened by camera flash)

    large herd resting at night. size of herd typical of most walmart habitats.

    saddled with child seats.

    conflict in the stall.

    hostile cart just after attacking a small tree (this was the situation when we arrived).

    a buffalo stands triumphently over his prey.

    A gentler, average-size breed that can be managed easily by the young and elderly.

    front view

    lonely weis buffalo

    herd of weis

    Value City:
    Currently, not much is known about average-sized Value City breed. They appear to be a communal breed.

    small herd of value city

    same herd

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